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HRV Scanner

Yes, monitoring can be convenient

The HRV-Scanner derives the ECG from clamp
electrodes at the wrists. This has the advantage that
subjects do not have to undress. Alternatively,
removal via adhesive electrodes is also possible.

It can only takes a few minutes

Doing Deep Breating Test + Short-term HRV with the HRV-Scanner – determine the current state of the vegetative nervous system in a few minutes
The Deep Breathing Test is the gold standard in the HRV function analysis.
The subject breathes for a minute in a given tact. This purely parasympathetic function analysis shows the current capacity of the maximal parasympathetic regulation capability.
The 5 Minute Short-term HRV reflects the actual condition of the neurovegetative nervous system. Both branches (sympathetic / parasympathetic) of the neurovegetative regulation are examined under resting condition.
The combination of both measurements allows a differentiated and comprehensive view of the vegetativeum (VNS analysis).

The HRV-Scanner lite is complete and easy to use

– a simple version for tablet and PC

HRV measurement and HRV biofeedback provides you with everything you need in the daily practice application.
It is a very easy to use solution

Interpretation is easy and complete

When the monitoring is completed, just end the session and view the results.

With the concept of flexibility, tonus and dynamics, the HRV-Scanner brings order to the extensive number of HRV parameters and VNS analyzes.
Thus an age-corrected and easily comprehensible explanation model of the complex processes around the neurovegetative regulation is available.
This saves time in communicating with clients and creates trust. In addition, all standard HRV parameters and HRV diagrams are available in the analysis.


  • << The HRV-Scanner has become an important part of my basic cardiological diagnosis. It reliably detects disturbances in the area of the vegetative nervous system (including stress) and helps in the risk assessment of cardiovascular patients >>

    Dr. Martin Laser

    Cardiologist Nuremberg, Praxisgemeinschaft Innere am Stadtpark
  • << I follow up the heart rate variability of top athletes for more than 20 years. I am working in particular with professional cyclists.
    With the arrival of the HRV Scanner software, I have seen the solution of my problems of interpretation.
    This approach should be know by doctors, and not only for the follow up of athletes. >>

    Dr. Gérard Guillaume

    Rhumatologist, sport doctor
  • << The measure allows to best adjust the sympathetic and parasympathetic autonomous nervous system.
    The monitoring is fast, useful and reproducible. That allows to support the recovery, which is optimized.
    This somatic support is also important in all psycho somatic disorders. »

    Dr. Jean Pierre Lablanchy

    Psychiatre Psychotherapy Phytotherapy