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EArise Physiology: Smart data for Health and Performance


A few years ago, Martine & Jean Chaillet left France to set up a new company in Bangkok. From their wish to combine their experience, skills and passions, a new project rose: EArise was born.

Martine and Jean’s motto is “sustainably increase health and performance“.

They expressed this motto through 2 activities. EArise Consulting supports leaders and organizations on management and operational excellence. EArise Physiology focus on monitoring physiological data, providing analyses and dashboards thanks to high level software and supporting companies, teams, individuals on their results.

Even if those two activities are related by the same motto, there internal structures are diametric.

EArise Physiology belongs to a worldwide start-ups network. These start-ups, based in Finland, France, Germany and Thailand, are specialized in physiological data collection and data analysis. They operate mainly in 3 markets: medical, sport and lifestyle. 

The idea come out into view when Martine CHAILLET used to work on cardiology field with Yann MICHELI. 
Yann then moved to physiological monitoring & analyses in 2009, with his own company PULS@CARE, while Martine took the path of coaching. It’s only in 2016 that Martine and Jean joined him.

EArise Physiology today

Nowadays EArise and Puls@care are operating both in Europe and in Asia.
Yann is still CEO of Puls@Care and acts as the CTO (Chief Technical Officer) of the team. In the same time, Martine is CEO of EArise and is also Head of Marketing on both EArise and Puls@Care. Jean takes care of business development as Head of Development and is COO of EArise.

Putting together their 3 expertises, Martine, Yann and Jean have 2 main goals:

  • Deliver high value solutions (device, software, support) to customers based in Europe & Asia
  • Stay ahead designing new solutions answering new needs or improving the existing ones

Finnish, French, German, and now Thai companies work hard altogether to provide you the best for now and for the future


What we can accomplish together

Point to reveal

Together, let’s push your boundaries and help you reach your full potential.

We serve as a catalyst for individuals to "push their boundaries" and improve long-term health & performance.

What we can accomplish together

Touch to reveal

Together, let’s push your boundaries and help you reach your full potential.

We serve as a catalyst for individuals to "push their boundaries" and improve long-term health & performance.

Core values

We give our best anytime - Always go ahead - Federate an network of expertise
Transparent relationships - Transparency of results - We respect anyone (whoever he/she is, whatever he/she does)
Put the people first - Act together - Co-construction
Engage side by side - Come with you over time - Move forward together


Become the referent company in Southeast Asia for physiological measurement solutions.

Some key figures

EArise Physiology customers include 250000 employees from more than 2000 companies, 22000 professional athletes and more than 100000 amateurs, 800 sport clubs and teams…

The founders

Martine Chaillet
Particularly concerned with the global and long-lasting health, I am interested for 20 years in the connection between health and performance.
I have been for years international marketing manager in the field of interventional cardiology. Then I built my own company in France to support leaders and teams as a coach, trainer and consultant to help them to be more successful in their management and to optimize the health at work.
I practice numerous sports, among them ultra trail running.
I will be pleased to support you in the use of the products, the analysis of your results and to debrief your lifestyle assessments.
Jean Chaillet
Definitively focused on customers, I love human relationships, project dynamics, business development and innovation.
I worked internationally as consultant, business developer, BU manager, new business & digital innovation Director, CEO, in different sectors. During these 25 years I addressed challenges like well-being & lifestyle, or sport & performance.
I will be pleased to help you on sales or customer service issues, as well as business consultant and sport coach.