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Quick access: Expertise ᛫ Our solutionBenefitsDashboardsReferences

Quick access: ExpertiseOur solutionBenefitsDashboardsReferences


Individuals: Safely reach the full potential of your body


We operate already in more than 40 sports, both for male and female teams… and even more to come!

American Football, Australian Rules Football, Badminton, Basketball, Beach Volley, Boxing, Crashed Ice, Cricket, Cross Country Cycling, CrossFit, Cycling, F1 Racing, Field Hockey, Futsal, Gaelic Football, Handball, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, MMA, Mountain bike, Roller, Rowing, Rugby, Sailing, Skating, Ski, Soccer, Softball, Squash, Swimming, Table Tennis, Thai Boxing, Tennis, Track & Field, Training Centres, Triathlon, Ultra marathon, Volleyball, Wrestling …

We are world leaders on internal load measurement for sport athletes and teams. All our products are created and designed with the support of a scientific committee (cardiologists, therapists, sport scientists, medical specialists).

Many sport teams and athletes are continuously helping us improving our software, dashboards, analyses to provide you the best… ever.

We are trusted by over 800 professional teams including 50% of the NHL Teams, 50% of Rugby Union Teams in French & UK, more than 100 Soccer teams with 11 from the top 15 European clubs., many National Teams… Thousands of Academies, Universities, Research Institutes, Fitness Clubs and more than 22,000 Top Athletes and coaches are using our solutions.

We are now selling our solutions to Individuals. Over 100,000 have taken the plunge.

Our solution

Our method is based on a belt or a strap you will have to wear during training and a connected software. The belt and the strap are equipped with a really accurate sensor. It will monitor yourself automatically. Once you received you belt and software access, it’s as simple as 3 clicks!

To sum it up:

  1. You wear a belt when you train. At the beginning of your training, in three clicks you run the system. One to open the software or the app’, one to start the session, and one to stop it. That’s it!
  2. Start our app. You can follow your physiological data in real-time with your smartphone (IPhone only for now), Windows tablet, laptop or watch (for those compatibles).
  3. Thanks to our training and videos, you will be able to react relatively to real-time data and adapt your training to your current shape.
  4. After-training intelligent reports are automatically sent by emails and stored in the cloud so that you can go back and analyse them at any time.
  5. Thanks to our training, you will decrypt your dashboards, compared your results and plan your next training sessions.

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  • Monitor yourself in real-time very easily.
  • Get immediate accurate results, not only on heart rate, but also early and accumulative fatigue, aerobic / anaerobic works, training zones activities, training load, global training effect…
  • During every training, our software adjusts automatically its results to your current shape. You did not sleep well and feel tired: your data will be upgraded on real-time so that you avoid overtraining this day!
  • Let our unique AI (Artificial Intelligence) learn about you… You’re recovering faster? You’re a slow weight gainer? It adjusts. Unlike some other providers, data displayed are yours and only yours. Your profile is unique.
  • Receive automatically ready-to-use reports and compare your results. Share them with your friends or send them to your coach!
  • Focus not only on hard training but also on avoiding injuries. Better balance between health and performance.
  • Check our private videos, tutorials, tips and advice on our brand-new online platform to go further!
Your data are private and EArise Physiology DOES NOT have access to them without your express permission. Our servers are located in Europe and we respect the medical confidential data regulation. Check our Privacy & Terms conditions.


Personalized dashboards are generated during and after every activity. They are the starting points of any good training program. After buying our products, you will be formed to decrypt them very accurately.

You will find below some example of different dashboard in different situations.

  • Some are displaying real-time data. Others post activities dashboards.
  • Some are screenshots of what you can access and see on the cloud platform. Others are print-ready images.

Online monitoring (real-time & cloud):

Post activity generated dashboard:
Click on any image to enlarge it.

Testimonials & use cases

One example of use case is available on this post:

You can find more references on the sport general page, section Use Cases.