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Quick access: ExpertiseOur solutionBenefitsDashboardsReferences


Bring technology into your fitness club


We operate already in more than 40 sports, both for male and female teams… and even more to come!

American Football, Australian Rules Football, Badminton, Basketball, Beach Volley, Boxing, Crashed Ice, Cricket, Cross Country Cycling, CrossFit, Cycling, F1 Racing, Field Hockey, Futsal, Gaelic Football, Handball, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, MMA, Mountain bike, Roller, Rowing, Rugby, Sailing, Skating, Ski, Soccer, Softball, Squash, Swimming, Table Tennis, Thai Boxing, Tennis, Track & Field, Training Centres, Triathlon, Ultra marathon, Volleyball, Wrestling …

We are world leaders on internal load measurement for sport athletes and teams. All our products are created and designed with the support of a scientific committee (cardiologists, therapists, sport scientists, medical specialists).

Many sport teams are continuously helping us improving our software, dashboards, analyses to provide you the best… ever.

Over 800 professional teams including 50% of the NHL Teams, 50% of Rugby Union Teams in French & UK, more than 100 Soccer teams, many National Teams, Academies, Universities, Research Institutes, Fitness Clubs… trust us.

It represents more than 22 000 Top Athletes and more than 100 000 amateurs.

  • In Soccer for example 11 from the top 15 in Europe: AS Roma, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, FC Barcelona, FC Porto, Juventus FC, Liverpool FC, Manchester City, Manchester United, Paris Saint Germain, Tottenham Hotspur, and the 3 first soccer clubs in South America (Atletico Nacional, Boca Juniors, Sao Paulo FC).
  • In rugby national teams such as the Lions, Australia, England, France, Georgia, Wales.

Our solution

Bring technology in your fitness rooms and retain your customers with our WOW effect training solution.

  • Our solution monitors your members while they are training, both in individuals and in collectives sessions.
  • On a big screen they see in real time what’s going on, should they push more or recover, how are their shape compared to their mates.
  • You get a report at the end of each training. You can activate a function to automatically send reports to your members (see dashboards).

What do you need? It’s very simple

  • You lend, rent or sell a belt to your members;
  • When they come to the fitness room they are immediately recognized;
  • Just 2 clicks for your coach to run the system: one to start the session, and one to stop it, that’s it!
  • At the first stages we will train your coach(es) and you to get used to our solution.
  • For further information or details, you can call our hotline anytime.
  • You can also find articles, videos and tips on our cloud platform, to provide your members with more advice.
  • All our solution comes with a one-year warranty, and we exchange directly the product in case of any manufacturing defect or anticipated failure.


  • You create an animation in your room. You help people train better, feel better, perform better. You teach them to be careful with their body, to avoid injury and over training.
  • In some sessions you want to focus on calories spent? In others on performance? Or on a wellness programs? We got it, and it takes you less than 1 minute to select the right program.
  • Technology enters your fitness room and people are very attracted by that. They come more often to the gym and you retain them far more on long-term.
  • The use of the screen can individualize collective session and make each member feel unique.
  • If the option is on, your members receive reports they can share with family and friends!
  • In 1to1 session, technology becomes a clear part of the training without any effort on your side. We specifically designed the data you get and the form they take to be ready-to-use.

Challenge your members, give them simple goals and follow-up in real time. Compare themselves and create a funny challenging atmosphere!

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Personalized dashboards are the starting points of any good training program. They will be generated in real-time but also following each training. After buying our products, you will be formed to decrypt them very accurately.

You will find below some example of different dashboard in different situations.

  • Some are displaying real-time data. Others post activities dashboards.
  • Some are screenshots of what you can access and see on the cloud platform. Others are print-ready images.

Real-time data on display

Two post-session generated dashboards (one crossfit session, one circuit session):
Click on any image to enlarge it. Detailed are written under the screenshots.

Comparison between two fitness members doing the same circuit program:

Testimonials & use cases

One use case is available on this post:

You can find more references on the sport general page, section Use Cases.