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Boost your potential with our innovative professional solutions

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Sport Lifestyle Health


Increase performance and avoid injuries of top athletes

22 000 top athletes use our solutions, what about you?

Work on internal load data (VO2, TRIMP, EPOC).

Concentrate effectively your training and recovery.

Follow up in real time your performance, your physical and muscular fatigue thanks to our cardio-EMG solutions.

Reach your full potential without injuries.

For professionals, coaches, therapists, fitness centers and individuals.


Improve the well-being of your employees and increase the company’s performance

More than 250 000 people have reduced their stress, improved their recovery and chosen an appropriate physical activity thanks to our solutions.

Teams work better together. Workplace becomes more productive and more pleasant, sick leaves are reduced.

Because employees with a better life balance are also more efficient individually and collectively.

Can be used as well for individuals as for a team or a business unit.

Also for practitioners and individuals.


Provide more accurate diagnoses and follow up remotely your patients

Use our ambulatories solutions dedicated to medical and paramedical needs.

Analyse autonomic nervous system (ANS) thanks to heart rate variability (HRV).

Detect cardiac pathologies (AFIB, TACHY, BRADY).

Follow up everywhere patients with real time monitoring.

For medical and paramedical professionals.

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