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Because individual well-being is reflected on the whole organization EArise Lifestyle Assessment will allow your employees to :
  • better manage their stress
  • enhance recovery
  • exercise right
You will be able to:
  • Improve resilience at work and productivity
  • Reduce sick leaves
  • Retain people
  • Improve atmosphere and cooperation
Used for individuals and teams

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Following simple steps can improved your daily life. With EArise Lifestyle Assessment:
  • simply monitor your data
  • receive your results and share with a specialist
  • decide to change and experiment the difference
You will be able to:
  • better manage your stress
  • enhance your recovery
  • sleep better
  • exercise right
  • feel better balanced

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Are you looking for a simple and efficient tool to enrich your practice? Better support your client thanks to our high value solution. You can integrate EArise Lifestyle Assessment in:
  • your coaching
  • your team coaching
  • your wellness program
Used for individuals and teams

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Lifestyle assessment as seen by employees

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Improved sleep quality and stress management
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improved their wellbeing
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Feel more productive

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Some testimonials

I use Lifestyle Assessment with my clients who are interested in learning more about how their lifestyle choices impact their on-the-job performance and recovery. Based on my client’s first measurement, I teach them how stress and recovery work in their body and then suggest strategies to enhance recovery or to better cope with stress.

I have been just blown away on how effective the Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessments have been in creating stress and recovery awareness that leads to actual and sustained behavioral changes.

Dr. Erica T

Teacher Educator and Education Researcher, University of Illinois

EArise Lifestyle Assessment is a life-changing experience. After 3 days of having 2 electrodes on my body (without feeling them) and filling an hourly planning, I’ve got amazing results. For example, I discovered that I could recover more energy during working day’s breaks or naps than a full 6 hours of sleep!

I discovered as well that I could be more stressed during a night than during a working day… The results were really precise and gave me a readable indication on what cause my stress and influence my nights.

Even more interesting was the 1-hour feedback with EArise which gave me concrete solutions to improve recovery, reduce my stress and start over on new habits.


Jerome M

World VP Purchasing based in Asia, Descours & Cabaud

Using EArise Lifestyle Assessment was sooo easy.

Results were very rich, useful and actually quite surprising!

I learned a lot regarding circumstances stressing me. I spot daily habits taking a lot of my energy and discovered how to better recover.

I am 100% happy, thank you

Henry R

CEO of an investment company

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