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We operate already in more than 40 sports… and even more to come!

Boxing, CrossFit, Cycling, F1 Racing, Mountain bike, Roller, Sailing, Skating, Ski, Squash, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Training Centres, Triathlon, Ultra marathon,…

We are world leaders on internal load measurement for sport athletes. All our products are created and designed with the support of a scientific committee (cardiologists, therapists, sport scientists, medical specialists).

Many athletes are continuously helping us improving our software, dashboards, analyses to provide you the best… ever.

Top athletes

It represents more than 22 000 Top Athletes and more than 100 000 amateurs.

Example of individual athletes and coaches using our solutions

  • French ski & biathlon athletes among them Olympic champion Martin Fourcade and Alexis Pinturault;
  • Marcelo Gutierrez famous for mountain bike, Pan American champion;
  • Emilia Bottas born Pikkarainen and one of the best Finnish Swimming woman.


Our solution

Technology is now popularized. Most smartphones and smartwatches propose to collect and analyse data from your body. The truth is that they’re far from being enough precise to give real information. We do!

Coaches: provide your trainees (and you) with the ultimate solution to really monitor their training

  • Monitor in real time not only heart rate, but also early and accumulative fatigue, aerobic / anaerobic works, training zones activities, training load, global training effect…
  • Get very accurate figures, personalized for any individual and every training session, thanks to our very precise solution and our fast-learning AI (artificial intelligence programs and algorithms).
  • Receive generated ready-to-use reports, 1 for you and 1 for your trainee. Discuss with them about their training, better adjust the coming program.
  • Thanks to the remote monitoring function, keep an eye on them even though they are not training with you. Useful for their daily morning exercises at home for example!
  • Focus not only on hard training but also on avoiding injuries. safely maximize your trainees’ performance.

You can use our solution whether you train one or several people. Varied dashboards are generated. Scroll down to see the different ones in the dashboard examples section.

Didac, CrossFit amateur

CrossFit Ten 500 Team, Bangkok

Manachai, Thai Boxing Champion

Yokkao, Bangkok

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Simple and effective

Using our solutions is incredibly easy
  • Your trainees wear a belt when they train;
  • You can follow them in real time with your IPhone, Android Tablet or laptop;
  • Just 3 clicks to run the system! One to open the software or the app’, one to start the session and one to stop it, that’s it!
  • Thanks to the training we give you, you will be able to immediately decrypt data and dashboards.
  • Reports are automatically sent and stored on the cloud. That way, you can go back to them at any time. You can choose to send them to your trainees, for them to share it with friends and communalise your results.
  • To go further, you will find articles, videos and tips on our cloud platform. And our hotline is ready to listen to you and answer your questions!
To go even further and fully monitor their recovery, we also sell the Mbody short. Find more on the Therapist page.


Personalized dashboards are the starting points of any good training program. After buying our products, you will be formed to decrypt them very accurately.

You will find below some example of different dashboard in different situations.

  • Some are displaying real-time data. Others post activities dashboards.
  • Some are screenshots of what you can access and see on the cloud platform. Others are print-ready images.

Click on any image to enlarge it. Details are available under the screenshots.

Example of online dashboards:

Example of sent dashboards:

Testimonials & use cases

You can find more references on the sport general page, section Use Cases.