Sport Use Case, Coach 1: boxing


Yokkao Training Manachai

March 2018
Credit photos: Yokkao


Manachai is a Thai Boxing Champion. Only 21, he has done great improvements the recent past years and is now at the top in his domain. He trains at YOKKAO Training Centre, one of the best boxing center in Thailand.

He has to face new challenges to become a reference like his elder Saenchai, who is also a member of the YOKKAO team. Only one solution to achieve that goal: win prestigious contests like the prestigious Lumpinee Championship, the Thailand Championship and some high-level contests in Europe (Italy and England).

His manager wishes to achieve 3 specific goals

  1. Help Manachai to win the Lumpinee Championship (February 2018)
  2. Check the efficiency and upgrade his training programs
  3. Improve Manachai’s performance while avoiding injury and over fatigue before matches

The story

The manager, the coach and the EArise Physiology team engaged a 1-to-1 improvement program based on 6 steps

  1. 2 or 3 days monitoring different training sessions (fighting, running, warm-ups, specific workouts) with a full analysis of each session, global pattern on the training program, specific measurements and results on Manachai’s shape and fatigue
  2. A first improvement program, an innovative and intensive one, until the Lumpinee Championship
  3. The Lumpinee Championship: Manachai won the fight !!!! easier than we thought and being less tired onward 😊
  4. A second new training program regarding efforts and results + medium-term action plan during several weeks
  5. Ongoing monitoring, analyses, regular adjustments and feedback of the training after every contest (mid of March 18, end of March 18, mid of April 18)
  6. Comparison with other top-fighters, to spot differences and confirm the training program

Concrete results and evolution

EArise solution and support helped YOKKAO team and Manachai succeed on their challenging goals.

Manachai won Lumpinee Championship and became the Thai Boxing Number 1 for 2018.

Many actions have been taken, both quick wins and medium-term ones. For example:

  • New way of running fighting training sessions, based both on the real assets and the real weaknesses of Manachai. It involved length and number of rounds, type of exercises, balance between high intensity and recover times, specific workouts on kicks, punches… and much more -> a real individualized way to train based on the athlete
  • New global training program, balancing more between different types of training, different sports, different intensities, length of training, and even sometimes different hours of the sessions
  • Overview and close measurements on recovery time in order to focus on avoiding over training, over fatigue, injuries. When an alarm or a risk appear, immediate corrective action plan during a couple of days, before going back progressively to the previous program

100% satisfied !! Not only the coach but also Filippo the manager and Manachai are satisfied and keep going using our solutions.

New training program and new training methods were designed thanks to EArise Physiology products and advice.

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