For more accurate diagnoses & remote follow up

Specializing in physiological measurement, EArise provides innovative solutions for the medical field.
Our solutions are used in medical practice, in research or in health facilities.

These solutions developed in collaboration with industry leaders and universities allow us to offer you the latest innovations in terms of research and ergonomics.

Our solutions

We have different solutions for medical and paramedical teams.


Revolutionary dashboards and graphics for rapid analyses


Accurate ECG signal with a small device

The user-friendly graphics and intuitive ECG navigation make the software fast to learn, and supports the easy and efficient use of the software for analyzing multiple days of ECG.

Abnormalities are automatically detected

Save up to 50% analyzing time.

An innovative tool for monitoring ECG and HRV (Heart Rate Variability); added functions: movements, temperature, breathing…

Very small and user friendly, they allow a 7 days monitoring.

Monitoring on real-time or on memory

ECG 1 to 3 channels


Very easy to use – automatic functioning


Accurate ECG signal with a small device

The Bodyguard Sensor is very convenient to use.
It detects heart beats and starts automatically.
Its accelerometers detect movements for various analyses.

The data download is also very easy and quick.

7 days autonomy

The HRV-Scanner is one of the most powerful HRV systems in the world.

It combines the standard tests of the neurovegetative function analysis (Deep Breathing Test, Short-term HRV) and HRV biofeedback in one system.

This creates new possibilities for efficient therapy, control of therapy and training as well as lifestyle interventions.

Recent use cases