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We operate already in more than 40 sports, both for male and female teams… and even more to come!

American Football, Australian Rules Football, Badminton, Basketball, Beach Volley, Boxing, Crashed Ice, Cricket, Cross Country Cycling, CrossFit, Cycling, F1 Racing, Field Hockey, Futsal, Gaelic Football, Handball, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, MMA, Mountain bike, Roller, Rowing, Rugby, Sailing, Skating, Ski, Soccer, Softball, Squash, Swimming, Table Tennis, Thai Boxing, Tennis, Track & Field, Training Centres, Triathlon, Ultra marathon, Volleyball, Wrestling …

We are world leaders on internal load measurement for sport athletes and teams. All our products are created and designed with the support of a scientific committee (cardiologists, therapists, sport scientists, medical specialists).

Many clubs and national sport teams are continuously helping us improving our software, dashboards, analyses to provide you the best… ever.

They trust us

Over 800 professional teams including 50% of the NHL Teams, 50% of Rugby Union Teams in French & UK, more than 100 Soccer teams, many National Teams, Academies, Universities, Research Institutes, Fitness Clubs

It represents more than 22 000 Top Athletes and more than 100 000 amateurs.
  • In Soccer for example 11 from the top 15 in Europe: Arsenal, AS Roma, Atletico Madrid, FC Barcelona, FC Porto, Juventus FC, Liverpool FC, Manchester City, Manchester United, Paris Saint Germain, Tottenham Hotspur, and the 3 first soccer clubs in South America (Atletico Nacional, Boca Juniors, Sao Paulo FC).
  • In rugby national teams such as the Lions, Australia, England, France, Georgia, Wales.

Our solution

We provide you a solution which combines highly accurate monitoring, ready-to-use dashboards, different levels of analysis.
You access the data you want very quickly, get immediate results and direct decision-making information.
Our technology helps you to train your team better, very easily and without speeding un-useful time on it!

You can buy it as a package or individual sensors. The software is included.

Using our Team Cardio Monitoring Solution is very easy:

We provide you with a username and password to enter the cloud solution. In there, in a few clicks you can create your team:
  1. Choose a name (or several if you monitor several teams / if you want to create several groups for specific exercises).
  2. Create each athlete’s profile with 5 to 6 simple information: name, surname, nickname, age, gender, weight, height.
    • We automatically calculate a minimum and maximum heart rate, but you can also enter VO2Max results if you have some.
    • You don’t have VO2Max results but are interested in? Contact us for more details on the procedure.
  3. Distribute one belt per player.
    • Every time your athletes will train, the system will learn and, if needed, adjust minimum and maximum heartrate.
    • The first time you will have to add the number of the belt belonging to each athlete. The next time s/he will enter the field, he will be automatically recognized by the system!
15 to 30 minutes later regarding the number of athletes, job is done! And we are besides you all the time, to explain and help you step by step. Even better, if you have numerous athletes, we do the job for you!! You give us the information, we create the team(s), then we explain to you how to create a new athlete in the future or add an existing athlete to a new team.

3 to 5 clicks and no more!

  1. You open the Team Monitoring solution on your laptop or tablet.
  2. If you have several teams, you select the right one.
  3. You just start the system and record is on. You see in real-time the team’s and each player’s shape . You can focus on your job and use the immediate results you get on their fatigue, performance… to adjust the training. Challenge them more, modify exercises, let more time to some to recover better, etc. Find more in the Example of use & benefits section.
  4. You stop the record at the end of the training.
  5. If you have different types of training you select the right one on the list you created before.

It’s done! You’ll receive automatically generated reports (one for the team + one for each athlete) by email or you can access them on the cloud.

Our dashboards have been designed by sport professionals like you. Our clients helped us select the information they wanted, how they wanted to get it, etc. Dashboards will be very precise and easy to read in the same time.

Therefore, the system is completely modular. If you want to focus on a special data, select what you want to first appear on the screens, how to present them and even the metrics (SI units or imperial units).

Going to the dashboard part of the cloud platform, you access any training or/and any athlete card.

You get a specific page result on every training. You receive it by email if you want… but anyway, all data are safely stored in our system and you have access anytime, anywhere. All those results are strictly confidential. However, if you want to keep the data in-house, contact our IT Team.

You analyze the results of the training, zoom on each athlete, compare one to another, compare a training session to a similar past one, analyze the accumulative fatigue of each player…

You can see several examples of those created cards below in the Dashboards section.

Example of use & benefits

  • On daily training sessions you monitor your team and adjust in real-time:
    • Type,
    • Difficulty,
    • Length of exercises not only for the team but according to each player’s shape.
  • Based on incredibly precise ECG monitoring (we use the same sensors as in medical field), you see in real-time:
    • Heart rate,
    • Aerobic / anaerobic works,
    • Training zones activities,
    • Early and accumulative fatigue,
    • Training load,
    • Global training effect.
    • And more …
  • With the help of our integrated AI (Artificial Intelligence program and algorithms), you analyze data deeper and understand very precisely the impact of each lap and exercise comparing (based on our dashboards, see below):
    • Previous training sessions,
    • One player to another,
    • Accumulative training of the past days and weeks.
  • At the end of a training, you can easily run a 3 minutes recovery test and focus on the best balance between recovery and training.
  • For players who come back from illness or disease, you analyze their rehabilitation very accurately.
  • To avoid knees and legs injuries or faster recover from them, you equip the athlete in needs with connected shorts monitoring group muscles activities (quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteal). Again, you adjust in real-time exercise and rehabilitation program. See details in the Therapist dedicated page.


Personalized dashboards are the starting point of any good training program. After buying our products, you will be trained to decrypt them very accurately.

You will find below some example of different dashboards in different situations.

  • Some are displaying real-time data. Others post activities dashboards.
  • Some are screenshots of what you can access and see on the cloud platform. Others are print-ready images.

Post-activity sent dashboards:
Click on any report to enlarge it. Description is under the screenshot.

Post-activity sent dashboards, another example:
Results of 7 athletes testing our solution in front of 60 experts, for 30mins.
Click on any report to enlarge it.

Testimonials & use cases

You can find more references on the sport general page, sections Testimonials or Use Cases.

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