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They trust us

20 years of experience
100 000 amateurs

More than 100k people are already using our solutions. We began in Europe and rapidly expanded all around the world.

800 teams
22 000 athletes

Hundreds of Top Soccer Clubs already trust us

  • 10 among the Top 15 Clubs in Europe*
  • The first third Clubs in South America


  • 4 / 6 European Nations
  • > 30 clubs over the world

*According to 2017 EuroTopFoot ranking

More than 40 sports

F1 Racing
Hockey (field & ice)
Mountain bike
Track & Field
Ultra marathons
… … …

Who are you?

Why do we have more than 800 teams and 22 000 athletes trusting us? Because we designed specific sports solution to help you be the best at your job!

Benefit from our ultimate solutions and more than 20 years’ experience and improvements.

  • Daily monitor fatigue and adjust the training in consequence
  • Compare
    • players to players
    • performances by hour/day/month
    • efficiency of exercises
  • Plan recovering time and control it on going

Focus not only on external load but on internal load, keep a close eye on each player with a double goal of performing better while avoiding injuries.

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Competition is hard and every fitness center wants to differentiate from others. Why don’t you use technology to step forward?

Bring EArise technology into your fitness club at cheap price and provide more accurate advice and coaching!

  • Display in real-time the body health (heart rate, burned calories…) of your members
  • Advise them to push more or recover, personalize your advice for them to feel unique
  • Motivate them with contests and group challenges
  • Organise theme sessions (lose weight, cardio, endurance, …) with real-time follow-up and results

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Your clients are more and more connected. They wear a watch and have instant internet connection with their smartphone, wherever they are. They monitor their heart rate, their number of daily feet, the calories they spend. What don’t you take advantage over the machine?

Work hand-by-hand with EArise technologies and really, accurately monitor your training sessions

  • Monitor in real time more than 8 different data types
    • Adapt your training to your client’s day feeling
    • Get accurate and personalised figures for every client
  • Receive automatically ready-to-use reports and better plan future training
  • Balance between health and performance

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Already using a “smart watch” or any other “smart device”? Fed up to see that you need to recover 28 hours while you know you’re fit enough to train again sooner? Or to get erratic results you cannot deal with?

Benefit from the expertise of both our belt and software, developed by professionals for professionals… and for you too!

  • Our belt is 1 000 times more precise than a normal one
  • Monitor yourself in real-time or post-activity with ready-to-use dashboard and results
  • Software compatible with your Iphone/watch/Windows tablet/laptop
  • Get access to our new online platform for tips and advice
  • Enjoy limited discount normally only available for professionals*

EArise Physiology Sport, your ultimate solution to really monitor your training accurately.

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*offer subject to conditions, contact us directly to verify your eligibility

Do you want the best for your patients? For them to return to physical activity progressively but surely, to go back to sport avoiding any more injury?

Benefit from our ultimate solutions to help you monitor your patients.

  • Check how your patient use its muscles and the balance between them (quads, hams, glutes)
  • Adjust every session to your patient’s shape. Check his real recovery since the previous session and the progress he must do to achieve full recovery
  • Run 1, 3 or 5 minutes recovery tests to see how they feel after each exercise

All our products are created and designed with the support of a scientific committee consisting of cardiologists, therapists, sport scientists and medical specialists.

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Our dashboards

Real time monitoring
Post activity results

We use several tools, screenshots of the one you need can be found in dedicated pages (see above).

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