Sport Use Case, Team 2: basketball


Lachlan Penfold, NBA’s Golden State Warriors

February 2018

Lachlan Penfold, NBA’s Golden State Warriors (Basketball team) as Head of Physical Performance and Sports Medicine, using our Sport Monitoring of internal load quantification:

We’ve got 15 players and every player is different and [over the course of an 82 games season] there are a lot of combinations. A player may have high minutes or low minutes depending on what they can contribute on a given night and each player has a different training schedule. As a very basic example, some players prefer to do strength training either before practice or after practice.

I think all the monitoring equipment is leading to how you find the optimal training dose for every player… at the end of the day you’re still trying to find the optimal training dosage, whether it’s strengthening work, conditioning work, on-court work – that every player needs. It’s about what benefits them.

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