Lifestyle Use Case 1: Collective, Great Place to Work


Great Place to Work and Lifestyle Assessment

November 2017


A client (small “white workers” BU of an international Group) wants to improve even more employees’ commitment, with 2 goals :

  • Reduce sick leaves and increase productivity,
  • Improve the feeling of belonging among their people.


They agreed on a 4 steps process

  • A trial both on an individual way (2 people to test in a department) and on a collective one (1 team of 7 people)
  • Feedback was ok, very positive. They shared, analysed combination with other well-being initiatives
  • Roll-out on the entire BU (78 persons)
  • Individual and collective action plans, with quarterly reviews on progress … new measurement after 8 months


Results were really great:

  • People felt encouraged to better balance their life. As a result, small quick wins as well as deeper medium-term action plans have been set up.
  • After 8 months, 87% of the employees felt more productive at work. Meanwhile they felt better considered by management and better balanced.
  • Number of sick leaves reduced by 20%, and length by 38% (many times, instead of 1 day sick leaves, employees came back to work after half a day absence).
  • The BU KPI’s increased significantly.
  • Between the 2 collective measurements (8 months) stress level fell down by 42%. Main reasons were more cooperation, meetings shorter and better scheduled (no more late Friday afternoon for example), better and more often 1to1 discussion between managers and employees on lifestyle topic (instead of focusing only on results).

Employees 100% satisfied by lifestyle assessment tool, highly recommended to other BUs, and far more involved in Great Place to Work pattern.

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