Lifestyle Use Case 2: Collective, BMW


BMW and Lifestyle Assessment

March 2018

« It is time that we start maintaining our most valuable assets : our employees »


German luxury automobile manufacturer BMW competes in a fast-paced and constantly changing industry.
To be on the crest of the wave, BMW acknowledges the importance of good leadership and a healthy workforce as critical to the organization.

Key to these efforts is BMW’s Health Leadership Program. The program utilizes EArise Lifestyle Assessment, a unique professional-grade heart rate variability-based analytic tool that reveals the link between lifestyle and performance.

Story & results

The Lifestyle Assessment is a valuable tool showing actual, accurate, and concrete evidence that daily lifestyle decisions influence on our performance, recovery and overall well-being.

The program offers a cost-effective solution to issues BMW wants to solve and helps them to achieve their goal of coherent and resilient work environment.

The Lifestyle Assessment helps each employee to find ways to go forward and to
take responsibility for their own well-being.

The most significant aspect of the program has been the health implication and the impact of stress in the working environment :

  • Some participants have made radical changes to their lifestyle.
  • Others, already aware of their state of well-being, described a boost in their motivation and felt encouraged to keep up their health maintenance activities.
  • The teams around them have been positively been impacted too.
  • BMW is working on how they can potentially incorporate this into the culture and change it, all for the better.

« Our intention is to develop champions in the organization, and with this project, we intend to achieve our goal,” Van Wyk concludes.

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