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Myontec short reviews

April 2018

Professional Teams: NHL Pittsburgh Penguins

“For conditioning we are looking at total activation. What is the total load in terms of muscle activity, or voltage? Knowing numbers can certainly help planning day to day and week to week. I look forward to using the MBody more and gaining more valuable insight into how our players respond to different training and what it means for both their development and rehabilitation. If you aren’t measuring you aren’t managing!”

Mike Kadar, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Pittsburgh Penguins NHL-team

Individuals: Speed Skating

“The key to skating fast is to only ever skate with one foot on the ground at a time. During the movement the free leg is supposed to be relaxed. In our training camp, we were using Mbody to observe the flaws in relaxation and changed performance techniques when needed, to make sure that the process is carried out properly.”

Tuomas Nieminen, Performance coach, Finnish Speed Skating Association

Rehab’ centers: Slalom

“After having knee surgery, the Mbody shorts were a fantastic tool to manage my rehab intensity and improve my efficiency without harming my hurt knee. I wanted to do so much, to get better fast, which can be dangerous. Being able to measure Muscle imbalances and weakness on my hurt!”

Dorie Llewellyn, European Slalom Champion

Coaches: Red Bull High Performance

“I have used Mbody product in a few different ways, it has been used to look into efficiencies in biking, it helps rehabilitations to look at the engagement to muscles in the different movements in the different stages.”

Per Lundstam, High Performance Manager, Red Bull

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