Lifestyle Use Case 1: Individual, overtraining and recovery


Henry: bad recovery during sleep and overtraining

January 2018


Henry came to us because he felt tired without any reason according to him.

Problems found

His record showed 3 types of problems:

  • high amount of stress at the beginning of his sleeping period,
  • decreased resources during the end of the week,
  • over-training.

You can see above three graphs from his final report clairly demonstrating those problems:


After sharing with him, we help him find appropriate solutions to:

  • improve his quality of sleep (among the solutions found, he was familiar with meditation so chose this method before sleeping- learned with us how to breath deeply…),
  • increase instead of decrease resources during the week-end (avoid using motorcycle, go to massage…),
  • adapt his training sessions to his level of shape.


Now Henry feels more energized and focused!

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